Starting Advice

See our step-by-step guide to starting an independent clothing line:

Make Your Findings

How knowledgeable are you about the world of fashion and, more precisely, clothing line? Study the business side of owning a fashion collection. Attend masterclasses or take a short course that can whet your knowledge about your new venture. Endeavor to read about how other established clothing lines started and model their strategies.


Have a Plan

What type of products do you plan to sell for your independent clothing line- streetwear clothing, indigenous clothes? Regardless of your niche, ensure that there are a need and a demand for the product. Decide if you’ll be selling your product online or in-store, how many products you’ll be selling, how to manufacture them, method of package and stock, and store pieces.

Recognize Your Competition

Like every other venture, you have to identify other clothing brands who are your competitors in the industry. If your clothing line focuses on streetwear, study what the successful streetwear brands are doing. Once you can identify your competitors, think of your point of difference or those things that can set you apart from them.

Estimate Your Budget

Itemize the things you’ll be needing for your collection and put the right price tag on them to know how much they’ll cost you.

Approach a printer or seamstress who can meet your requirement without compromising quality. Estimate the cost of packaging, labeling, and hand tagging.

Find Partners

While it’s okay to start on your own, it’s even better to get partners who can support your clothing line to maximize your brand’s potential and achieve your objectives more effectively. Find partners in your company and also team up with other enterprises that may assist you in fulfilling your goals. This partnership will give your business more organization and efficiency.

Establish Business Goals

You must set business goals to propel your commitment every other time. For instance, how many shirts do you plan on selling this year, month, or week? This strategy will help you have a real idea of what to aim for in your business.

Once you set your goals, establish a plan on how to achieve them.

Design Your Clothes

Draw sketches, get reviews, and determine which of the designs will make your introductory collection. Choose fabrics that are trendy and cost-effective. Pay attention to your design details and develop your product’s pattern to help manufacturers produce your designs in mass.

Figure Out How to Promote Your Brand

Use social networking— approach influencers to use their platforms to promote your product. Run ads on social media apps like Facebook. It will go a long way to reach people you easily can’t access. For many startups, getting sales at the inception of their business is challenging, but that shouldn’t deter you from keeping the company running. Keep improving your business strategy, marketing methods, business plan, branding strategy, and designs. Boost your competitive edge over other competitors.