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How to Start an Independent Clothing Line

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Who We Are

Have you been passionate about costumes, customized t-shirts, seasonal clothing, and everything fashion-related since childhood? Now you want some stacks of the trillion dollars in the fashion retail industry?
While your knack for fashion is a great starting point, you need in-depth knowledge of its business side to transform your talent into a source of income.

Our online boutique provides a diverse collection of authentic and hand-picked clothing collections for women and men to express themselves through innovative, effortless, and personal style. Hence, we amass the trendiest fashion apparel, shoes, accessories, and items for all and sundry. Our receptive spirit is ideal for you and yours. 


Guide to starting an independent clothing line:

Make Your Findings

How knowledgeable are you about the world of fashion and, more precisely, clothing line? Study the business side of owning a fashion collection. Attend masterclasses or take a short course that can whet your knowledge about your new venture. Endeavor to read about how other established clothing lines started and model their strategies.


Have a Plan

What type of products do you plan to sell for your independent clothing line- streetwear clothing, indigenous clothes? Regardless of your niche, ensure that there are a need and a demand for the product. Decide if you’ll be selling your product online or in-store, how many products you’ll be selling, how to manufacture them, method of package and stock, and store pieces.

Recognize Your Competition

Like every other venture, you have to identify other clothing brands who are your competitors in the industry. If your clothing line focuses on streetwear, study what the successful streetwear brands are doing. Once you can identify your competitors, think of your point of difference or those things that can set you apart from them.


Our vision is to empower all individuals to become more confident in their style and preference.


To satisfy individual style and creativity through an accessible selection of hand-picked apparel, shoes, and items.